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The unpopular Rob Ford: Three perspectives on the mayor's approval rating

By: Metro Canada Published on Thu Jul 05 2012 For a politician who built his career on populist rhetoric and pandering, Mayor Rob Ford is desperately unpopular. Don't fight me on that point. It's not really disputable. Sure, you could point out that Ford's approval rating—which has been at about 42% since last fall, with a couple of minor peaks and valleys—isn't too far off...

Rob Ford's disastrous transit policies: a look back

By: Metro Canada Published on Tue Jul 03 2012 Last week's unveiling of the OneCity transit plan by TTC chair Karen Stintz and vice-chair Glenn De Baeremaeker stands as proof that Mayor Rob Ford no longer has any say over Toronto's transit future. This is a very good thing. Since even before he became mayor, Ford's transit policies have been the worst combination of short-sighted... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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