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Toronto wrap: Ombudsman's report, shiny new streetcars, and the war for bike lanes

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Sep 28 2012 A quick look at the rest of the news from City Hall this week. Ombudsman report points to more trouble for Mayor Rob Ford I wrote yesterday that the Ford administration has hit Peak Scandal, and that any further gaffes or controversies aren't going to make much of a dent in the mayor's support. Soon after that piece was published, of course...

Peak Scandal: More gaffes won't shake Mayor Rob Ford's remaining support

By: Metro Canada Published on Thu Sep 27 2012 A prediction: There are no more scandals, gaffes or blunders that can hurt Mayor Rob Ford's appeal with his core supporters. The Ford administration has hit peak scandal. This became clear last week when we started to get word that the mayor allegedly used his influence to get roadwork done on the street outside Deco Labels, the Ford family...

In Mayor Rob Ford's media war, Toronto loses

By: Metro Toronto Published on Tue Sep 25 2012 “Lie? They're pathological liars. That's what drives me nuts.” – Mayor Rob Ford on the media Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Coun. Doug Ford have a lot of things they want to say about the media. They don't like us very much. Their anger has been ratcheted up over the last few weeks. Between Ford's conflict-of...

Friday Wrap: Private transit operators, new housing plan, Museum of Toronto

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Sep 21 2012 To end the week, a look at the other news coming out of Toronto City Hall. In retrospect, the paint job on the light rail train prototype displayed at the Ex should have been our first clue. That LRV, decked out in GO Transit-style green, only furthered rumours that have been swirling since the province first committed to wholly fund new transit lines...

Toronto still pedalling backwards with cycling plans

By: Metro Canada Published on Thu Sep 20 2012 Before the end of the year, the City of Toronto is set to make two major changes that'll affect our fledgling network of bike infrastructure. After a prolonged battle, staff are finally scheduled to remove the bike lanes on Jarvis Street. They'll also complete construction on the city's first-ever physically-separated bike lanes on...

Debate Prep: Taking on Rob Ford's favourite talking points

Published on Wed Sep 19 2012 On his returning radio show this past weekend, Mayor Rob Ford took the odd step of challenging members of the media to debate him in the political arena. His challenge came as part of a fiery and mostly confusing rebuke of reporting last week that questioned Ford's alleged use of office staff and resources to help run his high school football program. Ed Keenan... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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