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Council Scorecard: Jarvis, one last time

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Oct 12 2012 Toronto Council Scorecard For all the sound and fury of last week's three-day Toronto City Council meeting, not a whole lot got accomplished. Aside from the regrettable decision to — again — kill the bike lanes on Jarvis St., most of council's other major topics of debate ended in some form of deferral or stark compromise...

Toronto casino arguments go bust

By: Metro Canada Published on Thu Oct 11 2012 If the gaggle of lobbyists representing various gaming interests at City Hall really want to sell Toronto on the idea of a downtown casino, they should start by telling us the odds. What are the odds that a casino complex actually improves the economic climate in a city over the long term? What are the odds that a casino produces a net increase in the...

Mayor Rob Ford's council opposition looks weak and aimless

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Toronto Published on Tue Oct 09 2012 Last winter, soon after Toronto City Council overturned Mayor Rob Ford's subway pledge and ripped the transit file from his clutches, Coun. Shelley Carroll led a long and detailed discussion at the Academy of the Impossible. There to talk about how to run an effective political campaign, Carroll, a likely 2014 mayoral...

Toronto Wrap: Taxes for transit, more on Jarvis & keeping our zoo

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Oct 05 2012 Council gets serious about transit—and taxes One of the few bright spots of the Mayor Rob Ford era is that elected officials finally seem ready to talk seriously about what it'll take to expand our transit system in Toronto. Ford, of course, seems to want nothing to do with it. But that conversation will continue next week as Ford's...

Jarvis bike lane vote lost because councillors changed their minds

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Oct 03 2012 What do you call an elected official who says one thing and then does another? That's the question to ask this morning after a bid to retain the bike lanes on Jarvis Street failed at Toronto City Council, following a 19-24 vote. The outcome was surprising, both because it seemed to come after some bad strategy from left-leaning... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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