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On Jarvis Street, a million dollars got us nowhere

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Nov 14 2012 Work crews are out this week, slowly erasing the bike lanes on Jarvis Street and preparing to return the roadway to its original five-lane configuration. The work has been met with some good-natured protesters, who are kind of upset that Toronto is moving forward with a plan to remove cycling infrastructure in a city that doesn't really have much...

TTC bus saga highlights Rob Ford's communication problems

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Nov 09 2012 In an alternate universe, Mayor Rob Ford simply might have offered an unqualified and emphatic apology last week following the bizarre turn of events that led to his football team riding off the field in style in a private TTC bus. “I apologize to any commuter who was left on the side of the road in the rain,” the parallel-Earth mayor...

Charting Rob Ford's not-so-good council attendance record

By: Metro Canada Published on Thu Nov 08 2012 I guess Mayor Rob Ford was in need of a good news story. But this is kind of a weird one. After an article yesterday noted that the current mayor's attendance record for votes at Toronto City Council compared positively with that of his predecessor, Ford was quick to accept the accolades. Sure, the mayor might find himself embroiled in...

Toronto Wrap: LRT approved again, Ford steps out for football, disappearing Toronto jobs

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Nov 02 2012 Toronto City Council voted — again — yesterday to approve an $8.7-billion plan for light rail on Eglinton, Sheppard, Finch and to replace the Scarborough RT. A large majority of councillors voted in favour of signing the master agreement with Metrolinx, even after Mayor Rob Ford stood up and yelled a bit about how terrible the plan would... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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