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Mayor Rob Ford wins his stay — here are three things he should do next

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Canada Published on Thu Dec 06 2012 As most expected, Mayor Rob Ford won a stay at divisional court yesterday. He won't be removed from office until his lawyer's appeal is heard in early January. So the mayor will continue being the mayor for at least another month. Next stop: a by-election, probably. Not only does it seem pretty likely that the court will...

Budget 101: How Mayor Rob Ford's City Hall (almost) balanced the 2013 operating budget

By: Metro Canada Published on Tue Dec 04 2012 Even with things mired in chaos, the City of Toronto launched its 2013 budget process last week. It might feel like a small footnote amidst the news cyclone surrounding Toronto's mayor, but it also represents a package of decisions on how the city will use nearly $10 billion next year to support important things like transit, housing, economic...

Chaos reigns at Toronto City Hall – and there’s no good way forward

By: Metro Toronto Published on Mon Dec 03 2012 As skaters glide across the ice rink in front of city hall for the first time this season, chaos reigns inside. Mayor Rob Ford is fighting to retain his office following a ruling that he violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. Toronto City Council is in disarray, as all leadership from the mayor’s office has completely evaporated... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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