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Stintz's 'flip flopper' label may overshadow some interesting ideas: Matt Elliott

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Wed Apr 09 2014 I remember when I first thought Karen Stintz might make a good mayor. It was February 8, 2012, the day she led Toronto City Council to ignore the all-subway transit fantasies pushed by Mayor Rob Ford and return to the fully-funded Transit City light rail plan. On that day, she was principled, strategic and unwavering. Exactly what you’d...

Six questions about Ford’s new spin on billion-dollar savings

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Apr 09 2014 There’s a new addition to Mayor Rob Ford’s campaign website. A “Billion Dollar Savings” button on the front page links to a briefing note put together by Toronto CFO Rob Rossini which details “budget and taxpayer savings” for the years 2011-2014. The implication is clear. This is supposed to be the smoking gun — the thing that vindicates Ford’s claim...

Olivia Chow's 'big tent' platform is missing the numbers

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Tue Apr 08 2014 Olivia Chow is running a calculated and confident campaign, one engineered to draw votes from across the political spectrum. Looking at where the polls are today, the plan has a decent shot of working out for her. But her 'big tent' approach doesn’t come without risk. In trying to reach out to voters, Chow is attempting to brand...

How John Tory's talking points betray him

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Mon Apr 07 2014 John Tory is good at a lot of things. I’m still not convinced one of those things is being a politician. During his Metro Toronto interview, Tory was at his least effective when he went to his political talking points. There’s no denying that Tory is a passionate advocate for civic issues, but he seems uncomfortable in his attempts to...

If there's no Rob Ford arrest, what do his opponents do next?

By: Metro Published on Fri Apr 04 2014 With media reports of squabbling police officers and a missing piece of key evidence, it’s looking increasingly likely that Mayor Rob Ford won’t be charged with anything. After a year dominated by Ford’s crack story and the subsequent criminal investigation, it’s possible that Toronto won’t get its big Hollywood ending. Things might just sort of peter out...

Island airport debate: not a good day for Robert Deluce

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Apr 02 2014 Don’t go looking for definitive winners or losers coming out of yesterday’s Toronto City Council debate on the proposed expansion of Billy Bishop Island Airport. There aren’t any. Not yet anyway. Maybe next year, after the election, when the issue is set to come back to council, one side in this debate will be able to claim total victory. Maybe by... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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