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In defence of Toronto city council, a government that kind of (mostly) works

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Aug 29 2014 While I have my issues with the government of the city I call home, I also think Toronto city council generally gets a bad rap. Council, which wrapped up its final meeting of the term yesterday, has been called childish and dysfunctional. Some, like Mayor Rob Ford, have argued that there are simply too many councillors, implying that a better job...

Raptors deal reveals Ford's inconsistency on recreation programs for low-income residents

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Aug 27 2014 Given that Mayor Rob Ford positions himself as a pro-business, sports-loving kind of guy, it may seem kind of weird that this week Ford — along with his brother Doug — found himself on the losing side of a 38-2 council vote to approve a new deal with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to build a Toronto Raptors practice facility at Exhibition Place...

Sarah Thomson: When she's not riding horses and taking drug tests, she actually makes sense

By: Metro Published on Mon Aug 25 2014 When I put out the call to readers last week to send in questions in advance of my interview with Toronto mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson, the most common submission was a simple one: why? As in, why run for mayor again? After a hang-tough run in 2010, called off before election day, why would Thomson go for it again against opponents like Rob Ford, Olivia...

Take no drug tests, and other new rules for Toronto’s mayoral race

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Aug 22 2014 It really hasn’t been a great week for Toronto politics. Following the release of last week’s groundbreaking TTC report with nine costed recommendations for service improvements, mayoral candidates had to spend too much time responding to irrelevant or avoidable issues. The question of immediate improvements to transit service was pushed aside way too...

Running for mayor? You should support the TTC’s service improvement plans

By: Metro Canada Published on Tue Aug 19 2014 Last Friday, the TTC released a pretty groundbreaking report, laying the groundwork for a series of service improvements and changes that would result in better transit across the city. The nine recommendations — items like two-hour timed transfers, new express bus routes and more frequent service across the city — are all things that can...

What Olivia Chow needs to do to get back in the Toronto mayoral race

By: Metro Published on Mon Aug 18 2014 A year ago, before Toronto’s mayoral campaign had even started, Forum Research released poll results showing that Olivia Chow was going to be really hard to beat. In a multi-person match-up pitting her against Mayor Rob Ford, John Tory and Karen Stintz, Chow scored 39 per cent, with 12 points separating her from her closest competitor. But that was then. A... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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