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Toronto’s 2015 budget hole may throw a wrench into political promises

By: Metro Published on Wed Oct 15 2014 In addition to a spacious office and a cool gold chain, the next mayor of Toronto will inherit something far less swanky: a $452-million budget hole. The city’s 2015 projected budget pressure — reported as part of the 2014 budget process — has been largely ignored as candidates make spending and tax-cutting promises, even though it could threaten to throw a...

Debate Recap: Ward 16 candidate JP Boutros pushes for a sensible Scarborough transit plan

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Oct 10 2014 After years of repetitive and frustrating back-and-forth, Toronto is approaching D-Day for the Scarborough subway debate. No final decisions have been made yet — don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise — but there’s good reason to think the results of the mayoral election and a subsequent council vote tied to the 2015 budget process will seal the...

Olivia Chow has a very good platform, too bad it probably came too late

Way back in March, a column by the Toronto Star’s Bob Hepburn posited that Olivia Chow was about to do two things. First, he said, she was going to register to run for mayor of Toronto. Second, he suggested she’d be releasing her full platform right away. He ended up being half right. Chow did register to run soon after Hepburn’s column, but her campaign launch was missing the full platform part...

John Tory's SmartTrack plan could use a math check

By: Metro Published on Mon Oct 06 2014 With less than a month to go before the merciful end of Toronto’s marathon mayoral election, candidate John Tory looks nearly unbeatable. Seriously, it’s hard to overstate just how good the guy’s current position actually is. He’s led every poll since Labour Day. He’s had at least a seven-point lead in the last eight polls. He’s got endorsements coming in...

Debate recap: Keegan Henry-Mathieu offers new hope in Mammoliti’s Ward 7

If I lived in Toronto’s Ward 7, I’d find it really hard to vote for incumbent Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti. That’s not only because he recently had his council pay suspended for three months after holding an improper fundraiser where he seemingly accepted money from city lobbyists, but also because Mammoliti has always seemed more interested in grandstanding than discussing city policy. Whether it’s... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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