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John Tory is a rookie when it comes to city hall politics — and it shows

By: Metro Published on Mon Dec 08 2014 This kicks off a new era of Matt Elliott’s column, focusing on the city under Mayor John Tory. Elliott appears every Monday in Metro. Let’s flash back to Sept. 23, when the days were longer and it seemed like Toronto’s mayoral election would never end. It was the first mayoral debate with all three leading candidates, following the great Ford switcheroo...

Sheppard subway is a costly cautionary tale Toronto risks repeating

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Dec 05 2014 This week Metro launched Toronto on Track, an interactive look at who is – and who isn’t — being served by transit in this city. It’s a very cool project that provides new perspectives on transit planning across Toronto. Take, for example, the political hot potato that is the Sheppard subway — a subject that Metro’s Luke Simcoe explored...

Tory’s executive committee sticks close to Ford formula

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Tue Dec 02 2014 The criticism came swiftly after Mayor John Tory unveiled his list of political appointments Monday, filling out his executive committee and naming a council speaker and TTC chair. Some argued the appointees are mostly the same group who supported former mayor Rob Ford — and hew pretty closely to a right-wing agenda. But how far to the...

Rob Ford's one gift to the people of Toronto? Civic engagement

By: Metro Published on Mon Dec 01 2014 One of the questions I get asked a lot goes like this: do you think Mayor Rob Ford did anything good for the city? There are two ways I can answer that. The first is kind of boring. I can point to some small, positive things that happened to take place during Ford’s term, which officially comes to an end Monday, Dec. 1. Things like the creation of the... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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