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Toronto City Hall oversight is more important than ever — so why is John Tory cutting it?

By: Metro Published on Mon Mar 09 2015 A simple rule I’ve learned from watching Toronto City Hall: You can never have too much oversight. Toronto’s accountability officers — the auditor general, the ombudsman, the integrity commissioner and the lobbyist registrar — proved their value in spades over the past four years. They uncovered conflicts of interest, improper fundraising, sketchy lobbying...

Spadina cost overruns a cautionary tale for the Scarborough subway

By: Metro Published on Fri Mar 06 2015 In light of news that the unfinished Spadina subway extension project is behind schedule and about $400-million over budget, it feels timely to present some some reminders about Toronto’s next big subway project — the Scarborough extension. Because in a lot of ways, the story of woe on the Spadina line foretells the same kind of trouble for the Scarborough...

The way we talk about Toronto's budget makes no sense — let's change it

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Canada Published on Tue Mar 03 2015 Midway through the morning session of Mayor John Tory’s executive committee meeting yesterday, I had a revelation about Toronto’s budget: none of this really makes any damn sense. It’s the municipal equivalent of the Cones of Dunshire. It’s punishingly intricate. As a result, very few people fully understand it — not most city... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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