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Toronto’s taxi licensing system is flagrantly unfair — but we can fix it

By: Metro Published on Mon May 11 2015 In a world without bureaucratic baggage, city hall lobbyists and entrenched financial interests, reforming Toronto’s taxicab licensing system would be pretty easy. Ideally, the system would be simple. If you wanted to be a cab driver, first you’d need a car that meets safety specifications. (Accessibility specifications, too — let’s not be exclusionary.)...

Three changes John Tory could make to tame city council meetings

By: Metro Published on Fri May 08 2015 Mayor John Tory has a problem with his colleagues. Though improved from the nadir of the previous four years, the council meetings held under his watch haven't been very good. Let's start with their fits of absurdity. During the election, Tory promised to end the circus-like atmosphere of last term's city hall, but this week’s council meeting...

Fact-checking the false budget claims Rob Ford sent to constituents

By: Metro Published on Wed May 06 2015 Even though it contains a significant error, I was going to ignore this post at The Rebel by Neil Flagg that attempts to compare the budget performance of Mayor John Tory with that of the former mayor. Why give it the attention? But then Coun. Rob Ford sent the post out to his mailing list, giving it his endorsement and validating an entirely incorrect claim...

Why the fate of the Gardiner Expressway must rest on our heads, not our hearts

By: Metro Published on Mon May 04 2015 I found some shade from the sun this weekend under the eastern section of the Gardiner Expressway. Beneath the hulking structure — only a little concerned about being crushed by falling debris — I joined about 100 people for a Jane’s Walk with a Shakespearean title: “Gardiner Expressway: to be or not to be?” We were there, basically, to think about whether... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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