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Want to cancel the Scarborough subway? Convince Queen’s Park

By: Metro Published on Wed Jul 29 2015 After she emerged from a meeting with Mayor John Tory last Wednesday, Premier Kathleen Wynne was asked — for the first time in a while — to give her thoughts on the Scarborough subway. The question was timely. The Toronto Star’s Jennifer Pagliaro recently published a series of articles making it even more clear that the decision was both bad politics and bad...

Forget a bid for the Games, Toronto should host a 'Fakelympics'

By: Metro Published on Mon Jul 27 2015 The Pan Am Games are over. With an assist from Kanye West, last night’s closing ceremony marked the end of a fun couple of weeks in Toronto that — sorry, haters — seemed to go pretty well. So, obviously, because Toronto managed to pull off one multi-national sporting event, there’s immediately talk about hosting another, bigger one. After five previous...

City Council Scorecard: Team Tory wins votes on Gardiner, gambling and police

By: Metro Canada Published on Thu Jul 23 2015 It’s going to be a while before we see Toronto City Council again. After their last meeting wrapped up on July 9, councillors aren’t set to meet again until Sept. 30, when they’ll likely confront a hideous monster of an agenda jammed full of all sorts of items that will pile up this summer. So that’ll be fun. You know what’s also fun? Taking the...

Toronto Community Housing report took the easy route

By: Metro Published on Mon Jul 20 2015 If I had to sum up the interim report issued by Mayor John Tory’s task force on Toronto Community Housing (TCH) last week in a single word, I’d probably go with something like “meh.” Which, sure, technically isn’t a word, but you get the idea. It’s not that I really disagree with any of the seven recommendations offered up by the task force, chaired by...

Four things to remember as Toronto looks to regulate Uber

By: Metro Published on Wed Jul 15 2015 When it comes to the city’s ongoing Uber debate, Coun. Jim Karygiannis isn’t helping. Yesterday, the outspoken Scarborough councillor held a press conference to announce that — per his interpretation of a recent court ruling — Uber users could face a $20,000 fine. Yes, Twenty-thousand dollars. For climbing into an Uber car. He had signs and everything. Scary...

Hey Pan-Am pessimists: Look what Toronto got

By: Tory's Toronto Published on Mon Jul 13 2015 Investing in city infrastructure is worth it, Pan Am or no Pam Am. The Pan Am Games are here. They’ve brought more than 6,000 athletes, alongside a gaggle of coaches, officials and organizers. There’s also a porcupine, Pachi. They’ve also brought a wave of pessimism that seemed to roll through the city in the lead-up to the opening ceremony... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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