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There is no design that will make any Gardiner hybrid option a good idea

The Gardiner East. Months after Toronto City Council voted 24-21 in favour of the “hybrid option” for the section of the Gardiner Expressway between Jarvis Street and the Don Valley Parkway, there’s some buyer’s remorse in the air at city hall. It’s like some councillors want to return the Gardiner they bought to the store and get something that fits them a little better. Last week, the city’s...

Toronto's garbage collection should be decided by numbers, not blind faith

Green For Life has been contracted to collect trash from city blocks west of Yonge St. For some members of Toronto City Council, there are political beliefs so strongly held that they practically become religion. Take, for example, the notion of contracting out city services to the private sector. For those who worship at the Blessed Church of Privatization, there’s no doubt that contracting will...

Tolling the Gardiner and DVP will help solve two of Toronto's biggest challenges

A streetcar heads east on Gerrard St. as vehicle traffic passes on the Don Valley Parkway below. One of the challenges that comess with writing about road pricing in Toronto is that we’ve never had great data. Absent even guesstimate figures on the cost of implementing a road toll system in Toronto — and the potential revenue that’d come from slapping a price on the city’s major arteries...

The 2024 Toronto Olympics: Just one more big, vague idea

With the way Mayor John Tory talks about the Olympic bid these days, you’d think he was talking about an off-the-books CIA operation and not a publicly-funded athletic spectacle. One of my least favourite recurring themes at Toronto City Hall goes like this: An outside group tries to get city council to approve a big, vague idea with the promise that details will come later. It happens way too... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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