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If it takes more city hall politicians to achieve fairer representation, bring ‘em on

Downtown would get three new councillors under recommendations made by a committee review wards. Before he and his executive committee voted last week to send a report on new Toronto ward boundaries off for more consultant tinkering, Mayor John Tory reiterated his strong belief that people just don’t want to see any more politicians at city hall. “I have yet to meet my first person — except for...

Busting Toronto's money myths: Report takes on budget misconceptions

Toronto city manager Peter Wallace speaks to reporters at city hall last week about his new report saying council must take steps to address the city's bleak long-term financial outlook. Call it Mythbusters: municipal finance edition. Mayor John Tory and members of Toronto City Council were issued a report last week detailing the city’s long-term financial direction. It’s an amazing piece of...

Toronto transit projects are funded, but who will pay to operate them?

After years of stalling, it seems like everyone is ready to build and fund transit projects these days. The bandwagon is rolling. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on board. He recently confirmed the TTC will get $840 million this year for capital transit projects. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is in, with the province putting up the cash for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, amongst other things. And...

Toronto's taxi debate points to issues far bigger than Uber

Supporters of Toronto's taxi industry, wearing yellow shirts bearing slogans including “Support legal taxis” and “No 2-tier system”, watch a council debate at city hall on Wednesday. As Toronto city councillors last week talked their way toward their vote to legalize Uber – and companies like Uber – as a transportation provider in the city, the most notable thing for...

Toronto's downtown residents lacking voice in city hall debates

The debate over adding bike lanes on Bloor highlighted the urban-suburban divide that dominates who holds power on Toronto City Council. I’m still not sure how city councillors Mike Layton and Joe Cressy made it through last Monday’s meeting of Toronto’s public works and infrastructure committee meeting without slamming their heads against the wall. They had both come to voice their support for... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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