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Ep. 14: The Little Easy

The Halifax Central Library, designed by local firm Fowler Bauld & Mitchell in partnership with Danish architecture firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen. Is this a cool library, or what!? This week, we’re headed east! Matt and Luke are joined by Tristan Cleveland, Metro’s new Urban Compass columnist in Halifax, for a wide-ranging conversation about the state of his city. Tristan gives us the 40-storey...

Tory’s plan to scrap vacant unit rebate is no empty gesture

A longstanding policy at the City of Toronto offers a rebate to commercial property owners if their buildings are empty. Mayor John Tory wants to scrap the practice as way to encourage more retail activity and raise extra revenue for the city. While Mayor John Tory’s surprising move to support highway tolls has dominated the conversation at city hall over the last couple of weeks, there’s another... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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