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It's time for Toronto's wealthy to step up for the city: Matt Elliott

Bay Street in 2010. Last week, we learned that eighty rich people from the state of New York recently did something surprising: they asked the government to tax them more. According to the Associated Press, a letter with 80 signatures – carrying names like Soros and Rockefeller, a real monocle-and-tuxedo crowd – was delivered to the governor. It asks for a new, higher income tax bracket to fund...

Federal budget makes transit more expensive, and that's not what Toronto needs: Matt Elliott

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's latest budget is set to hit TTC riders for an extra $240 a year. Justin Trudeau is about to make your TTC trip more expensive. Surprised? Yeah, me too. Making transit cost more is usually our municipal government’s thing, not Ottawa’s. But in a new twist, the federal budget for 2017, tabled today by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, is set to increase your costs...

Politicians finally say they'll prioritize tenants, and it's about time: Matt Elliott

A for rent sign outside a Toronto apartment in March 2017. Does anyone really give a damn about Toronto’s renters? Normally, I’d give you a simple answer: nah. Most of the political conversation about affordable housing in this city is focused on the plight of would-be homeowners. We hear lots about things like foreign buyer taxes or mortgage rules, but those who desire only reasonable rent in...

Toronto's unique shops and concert halls are vanishing, but we can fix that: Matt Elliott

Yonge Street in March 2017. If you love collecting loyalty card reward points and refilling your prescriptions, there is a lot to like about Toronto’s retail business climate in 2017. If, however, you’re a fan of smaller shops, restaurants and music venues, things start to look a little less than optimum. We learned this week that the Hard Rock Café at Yonge-Dundas Square will soon close...

City halls need to match the fast pace of city life: Matt Elliott

Brian Kelcey, left, with Toronto mayoral candidate David Soknacki. Kelcey says urban planning needs to factor in the value of speed. As I get older, I’ve started to think about the municipal projects under debate in terms of how old I’ll be when they’re finally completed. I’ll probably be past 35 by the time Toronto finally approves a comprehensive plan for laneway housing, for example. I’ll be...

Pity Toronto's poor, neglected streetcar riders

A cyclist bikes through streetcar track construction at Queen east of Greenwood in May 2012. Pity the streetcar rider. For much of 2017, their downtown transit trips will take on an element of mystery. Will a streetcar or a bus show up at the curb? Telling you would ruin the surprise! What route will they take? The only thing certain is there will be twists and turns! Will riders even get to... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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