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Why a 'zombie law' won't stop the 'killing and maiming' happening on Toronto streets

Zombie laws target pedestrians using their phones while walking. Aggressive or distracted drivers kill or seriously injure one person every two days in Toronto. Since 2005, their reckless behaviour has contributed to more than 2,000 pedestrians getting hit while just trying to walk in the city. So it takes some real gall to look at these numbers, included in Toronto’s Vision Zero Road Safety...

Toronto's 'city of the future' is being built next to a relic of our past: Elliott

This is one of the vision's Sidewalk Labs has released for Toronto's eastern waterfront. You’re standing at Toronto’s eastern waterfront years from today, looking north. In front of you, the “city of the future” announced last week by Alphabet — Google’s parent company — has taken shape. As described in the vision document released by Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, the Quayside neighbourhood...

Enough with the data, we already know bike lanes work: Elliott

City transportation staff are recommending that council make the Bloor bike lanes permanent. The 19-page document, released last week, systemically uses a giant pile of data to destroy any and all potential objections to keeping the bike infrastructure in place permanently. Oh, you thought the lanes were underused? False. Counts show bike traffic is up 49 per cent. It’s already the second busiest...

Here's a safety tip for pedestrians and cyclists— walk or ride to City Hall

Most elected officials at city hall still do not give the needs of pedestrians and cyclists anywhere near the same weight as the needs for drivers, writes Matt Elliott. I’m not going to tell you not to wear black. It seems every year around this time — as the days get darker — Toronto pedestrians are advised to wear bright, reflective colours as they walk around, lest they become another...

Toronto still playing catch up on car sharing — even as usage explodes

Car2Go vehicles are, for the most part, found only in approved parking lots across the city. The company started letting people drop cars in residential neighbourhoods in 2016 but, in doing so, went against the wishes of city hall. When it comes to car sharing, Toronto is both a leader and a follower. The city leads in usage. Since April of 2016, when car share agency Car2go began to allow users... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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