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Before locking down city hall, politicians need to think about who they’re locking out

A new report calls for the “screening” of visitors and other enhanced security measures at Toronto City Hall. Here’s how I became a journalist covering Toronto city hall: I walked in. That’s all. There was no accreditation. There was no security screening. I needed no one’s permission. I joined no organizations and paid no fee. I was a Toronto resident who was concerned about the...

The time for time-based TTC transfers is now: Elliott

Commuters run towards a newly placed TTC stop at Bathurst and King St. As it stands now, even if they just hopped off for an errand, they'd need to pay two fares. Before I wrote my column last week on the King Street transit pilot, I rode the King streetcar from Jarvis Street to Bathurst Street. I got off my streetcar to take a few photos, have a few laughs and watch a police officer yell at...

Overhaul will have Toronto commuters crying 'long live the new King': Elliott

Metro columnist Matt Elliott rode the King streetcar on the first day of the new transit-priority pilot and has some suggestions for making this work longterm. Board the King streetcar this morning and you might feel it: hope. It’s a strange feeling for us riders of the 504 King. Usually, the streetcar route is a hopeless slog. Unfair too. Each day, about 65,000 transit riders – King is the TTC’s...

Austerity, status quo or city building: It's time for Toronto voters to pick a path

In the upcoming Toronto election, let’s try something new: First pick a path, then find the leaders who can get us there, writes Matt Elliott. What kind of city do you want to live in? It’s a big, nebulous question, I know, but with less than a year to go before Toronto’s next municipal election, it’s time to start thinking about choices. City Manager Peter Wallace can help with that. Wallace... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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