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Matt Elliott: Report highlights hard-learned lessons from Toronto’s shelter crisis

Protesters rally with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty at city hall to confront Mayor John Tory on the lack of shelter beds during a budget meeting in February. Hey, remember Toronto’s shelter crisis? The one where it got really cold outside, the city’s shelters were near their maximum capacity, homeless people were reporting being turned away, and then Mayor John Tory got yelled at...

Matt Elliott: Four years later, the most enduring Ford legacy is as a cautionary tale

Then Mayor Rob Ford, left, listens to his brother and campaign manager Doug Ford during a commercial break as Rob takes part in a live TV debate leading up to the 2014 Toronto municipal election. When former mayor David Miller left the job in 2010, he practically gift-wrapped Toronto City Hall for his successor. There was an operating budget surplus of about $350 million. Hard-won new taxes...

Matt Elliott: 10 steps to marginal improvement for Toronto's pedestrians

A memorial lies across the street from a closed foot path (orange fence) where an 11-year-old boy was killed by a car last month near Kennedy Public School on Canongate Trail and Purcell Square. Imagine you live on a Toronto street where drivers routinely go way too fast — it’s dangerous. So you decide to request that the city install traffic calming measures like speed bumps. So far, so good...

Matt Elliott: Main streets should not be highways

A plan to transform Yonge between Sheppard and Finch, and make it more bike and pedestrian friendly with bike lanes, was nixed by the public works committee last week. Imagine your local government decided to take your neighbourhood main street and make it worse. Imagine they proposed adding traffic lanes and narrowing sidewalks, all in the name of making sure cars can always go fast. Imagine... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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