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Matt Elliott starting writing about Toronto city hall in 2011, at a blog he called Ford For Toronto. He quickly regretted the name. You can still visit that blog and read all its posts here.

Starting in 2012, Matt became the city hall columnist for Metro News in Toronto. His work appeared in print every Monday or Tuesday — and sometimes more often — for six years. He also wrote some blog posts for There was a lot to write about.

Those columns and blog posts were taken offline when Metro reformatted and became StarMetro Toronto. Though there has been some indication these articles will be restored at some point in the future, Matt didn’t want to wait that long.

This site includes 565 archived articles from Matt’s time at Metro. That is not a 100% complete archive. There are at least another 81 posts that have yet to be restored, and edited versions may be lost forever. Draft versions will be used to fill in the gaps where possible.

In addition, articles are often missing photos, charts and some formatting. Missing elements will be restored over time. Please let Matt know if there’s anything you would like to see restored ASAP.

Special thanks to the great Authory tool for making this archive possible. If you are a writer or creator of any kind, back up your work. Do not rely on your publisher to maintain it for you.

Matt’s work currently appears at CBC Toronto. Follow me on Twitter for the latest. Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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