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The Rob Ford pledge-o-meter: what's left on the mayor's agenda?

So, Mayor Ford, what are you going to do next? People started wondering about Ford's next steps a few weeks back, soon after the final decisive vote on transit. After that file was so emphatically closed, things seem to slow down around City Hall. Far from waging a transit war, the mayor took to reminding people to keep their dogs leashed. The Toronto Star's Daniel Dale asked around...

City Council Scorecard: council finds peace on the field, but remains divided on labour

April 15, 2012: Google Docs (Best View) – Download (PDF) – Download (PNG) Last week's council session was one of the most uneventful meetings of the Rob Ford mayoralty. Things have felt quieter in general since councillors concluded their debate on transit. Upcoming committee meetings have light agendas, and most eyes at City Hall this week are turned to the mayor's weekly...

With Ford's agenda stalled, Deputy Mayor rages against activists, unionists and cyclists

After Tuesday's council session ended with a unanimous vote and hearty handshakes, council returned to its more contentious – and entertaining – ways on Wednesday, as a fairly innocuous-looking agenda item became a major wedge issue. Up for debate: should the city be able to contract out cleaning services to private bidders without oversight from council? In the end, the vote...

Toronto casino a cash cow? Not for City Hall

So Toronto wants a casino. A casino, says the mayor and some councillors, is just the ticket we need to boost the city's finances and build the vast – underground! – transit network commuters need. Let's do some quick math. First, take all the direct revenue the City of Niagara Falls got from its vast casino complexes in 2010. Then, being optimistic, double that number...

After Rob Ford reverses on fees for sports fields, why not fix other budget mistakes?

As I write this, Mayor Rob Ford has put forward a motion at today's council meeting that will waive new 2012 fees planned for city sports fields and other recreational facilities. After supporting the new user fees as part of the overall budget in January, the mayor now wants to hold off on implementation of new fees until after a consultation process can take place. The new fees had been...

On the waterfront: swapping green space for development lands a lousy trade

Six months removed from the political fight that erupted over the port lands – monorails and Ferris wheels, remember? – Toronto's 1,000-acre block of prime developable land is back in the news this week. Waterfront Toronto has a revised plan for the lands that they've been showing off at a series of public events. The tweaked plan has been savaged by audiences. At the... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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