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Vaughan for Toronto? Carroll for Toronto? Who should run against Rob Ford in 2014?

With all eyes – including the mayor's – on the 2014 municipal election, we've started to see speculation about how the next mayoral race could shake out. Poll results showing that Rob Ford is remarkably vulnerable in a two-way race have only bolstered arguments that say, two and a half years out, that it's time to start thinking about the next campaign. In a story for...

As the battle for Jarvis heats up, a call for pragmatism – not necessarily bike lanes

Last summer, Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, with the backing of Mayor Rob Ford, led the charge to eliminate the bike lanes on Jarvis Street, which were installed in 2010. As a result, council decided to ignore traffic studies and the opinion of the local councillor – who found herself blind-sided by Minnan-Wong's move – and vote 27-18 to remove the lanes. Without some kind of...

Infographic: things we can learn from recorded votes on speaking extensions

One of the best absurdities of the Rob Ford mayoralty is the mayor's relentless devotion to keeping his pledge to require recorded votes for every decision made at council meetings. Even as he sheds and forgets campaign promises related to service cuts, bike lanes, transit and other things, he clings to this one minor plank of his platform. Not that this promise doesn't have its good...

Rob Ford's issues with women: Jaye Robinson quits executive

The Globe & Mail's Kelly Grant: Jaye Robinson, a fiscally conservative freshman councillor, has decided to quit the mayor’s executive committee at the end of the year.Part of the reason is her desire to reassert her independence. Part of it is the mayor's bungling of the subway file. And part of it is Ms. Robinson's own weariness at trying to be a moderating force on an... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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