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Council Scorecard Special: Council inches closer to magic 30 vote threshold

A year ago, before his political world started caving in, Mayor Rob Ford had it all. He was rapidly tackling his agenda and held such sway over city council that he rarely came out on the losing end of a vote. Ford was actively sticking it to pundits who had claimed, shortly after his election, that this divisive and independent mayor wouldn't be able to pass a damn thing. Thanks to famous...

Friday Wrap: Toronto shouldn't have to wonder if the mayor is a homophobe

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri May 11 2012 To end the week, a look at some of the other stories bouncing around City Hall. Is Rob Ford a homophobe? No one can really answer that question one way or another. And that's the problem. The mayor's latest failure on this front? Turning down, for the second year in a row, an invitation to attend a flag-raising ceremony held by the Parents...

Cheers and jeers for councillors as post-Ford agenda takes shape

These days, Rob Ford's City Hall is best characterized as uneventful calm punctuated by high-level political farce. The mayor, incredibly, has run out of things to do, despite lots of campaign promises left unfulfilled. At this week's council meeting, Ford neglected to set a key item to place at the top of the agenda and only roused himself to speak as part of an impromptu crusade...

Rob Ford's stupid and offensive radio show demeans us all

By: Metro Canada Published on Mon May 07 2012 The political scene in this city has never been more ridiculous than it is right now. Following last week's almost-punched-a-reporter saga, yesterday's episode of Mayor Rob Ford's radio show on Newstalk 1010 was yet another low point for the Ford administration. The mayor, with his cohost and brother Doug, spent much of his program time...

Friday Wrap: Rob Ford's war on credibility, Medical Officer threatened & Toronto's elephants on the move

To end the week, a look at some of the other big stories floating around Toronto City Hall. Reporter confrontation looks worse for Ford Rob Ford has a rocky relationship with facts. They've got a nasty habit of not supporting his claims. The Daniel Dale story is unfolding like a lot of other Ford scandals, with the mayor's initial version of events falling apart as more details are...

Five perspectives on Angry Rob Ford's encounter with a reporter

You know the story by now. Late in the evening on Wednesday – before it got dark – Rob Ford discovers Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale on public land near his house. Angry, the mayor confronts Dale and, per the reporter's account, “cocked his fist near his head and began charging.” Dale dropped what he was carrying and ran. Sometime after, the police and media were... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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