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All night anniversary: five more people who helped bring down Rob Ford

By: Metro Canada Published on Mon Jul 30 2012

For my Urban Compass column today, I wrote about the epic 22-hour meeting that took place at Toronto City Hall one year ago this week. It was a turning point for Mayor Rob Ford's administration—a single night that wiped the shine off Ford Nation.

In the column, I focus primarily on a deputation given by fourteen-year-old Anika Tabovaradan. She was a major highlight, not just because she put so much emotion behind her words but because the words themselves were awesome. But she didn't stand alone. More than 150 others also stayed late and delivered powerful messages directly to the mayor.

Here are five more videos from the crazy all-night meeting.

Susan Wesson: “With stories come dreams and hopes become schemes and each child has a chance at succeeding”

Jennifer Arango: “It's not representative of council and it's not representative of the City of Toronto.”

Desmond Cole & Roy: “Our mayor knows the price of everything but he values very little.”

Dave Meslin, in pyjamas: “I was hoping you'd be better and you're worse—and that's shameful.”

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