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How many 407 highways would it take to build the OneCity transit plan?

By: Metro Canada Published on Thu Jul 19 2012 In my Urban Compass column this week, I wrote about the need for mayors and councillors across the GTA to step up and get serious about the need to raise new revenues to build transit. To hell with the feeble excuses. We don't have the luxury of waiting around for a national transit strategy or private sector hand-holding or the results of years...

Danzig shootings: after the mourning, what's next for Rob Ford and council?

First, the city mourns. There are no political points to be scored in the wake of the Monday night shooting on Danzig Street in Scarborough—the one that left two dead and 23 injured, single-handedly boosting the city's shooting victim stats for 2012 by a heart-wrenching 15%. In the immediate aftermath of devastating tragedy, Mayor Rob Ford again did the job he's supposed to do. He...

Five myths about the death of OneCity

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Jul 13 2012 An epitaph: OneCity was a super-ambitious, well-meaning thing that was bungled and mishandled. It fell victim to messy politics, councillor egos and a provincial partner that opted not to play along. We'll probably never see the “OneCity” branding again. The end. Despite the hoopla, there's not much of a story to tell. Toronto...

The OneCity transit plan: What the hell happened?

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Jul 11 2012 On June 27, TTC chair Karen Stintz and TTC vice-chair Glenn De Baeremaeker revealed OneCity, a grand plan for Toronto transit with a funding strategy attached. It was a big deal—the kind of thing that could rightly be called revolutionary. But then things changed. At today's council meeting, only a few weeks removed from that splashy reveal...

One year later, still worth fighting for the Jarvis bike lanes

By: Metro Canada Published on Tue Jul 10 2012 This Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of Toronto City Council's wasteful and impulsive decision to ignore all recommendations from staff and direct $275,000 in public funds toward the removal of the Jarvis Street bike lanes. A year later, the move to eliminate the bike lanes and return the street to its previous configuration still stands...

OneCity transit plan approaches zero

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Jul 06 2012 The OneCity transit plan—the one we were so excited about last week—is now a tangled mess of politics and ego. It's a plan seemingly so lacking in strategy and direction that it's playing like something developed and released by Mayor Rob Ford's office. It didn't need to be this way. At its core, OneCity has great intentions... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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