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Toronto Police need to work to rebuild trust

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Aug 10 2012 If Chief Bill Blair and the Toronto Police Service are serious about reducing the kind of violent crime this city has seen this summer, then they need to make damn sure that average people feel comfortable and confident when dealing with the city's police officers. Toronto should be able to trust its cops. That trust is looking pretty shaky these...

New era of contracted-out trash pick-up won't help city's operating budget

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Canada Published on Tue Aug 07 2012 Some credit where credit is due: Mayor Rob Ford was elected with a mandate to contract out garbage collection in this city and, as of today, he's done it. West of Yonge Street, privately-owned garbage trucks are now rumbling down Toronto streets. This mayor can't lay claim to too many accomplishments, but this is a move...

City Council Scorecard: OneCity mania and a vote on guns

Toronto Council Scorecard The last Council Scorecard until the fall takes us back to the halcyon days of early summer, when municipal politicians spent a couple of weeks debating an ambitious transit plan that ultimately didn't really matter. None of the votes related to TTC chair Karen Stintz's OneCity visioning exercise will appear on the official City Council Scorecard, but I've...

Rob Ford: The accidental progressive

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Aug 01 2012 Ten thousand years from now, when archeologists and historians use lonely robots to dig through the big pile of Tim Horton's coffee cups and paper TTC transfers that cover over the remnants of the old City of Toronto, they may conclude something surprising about the bygone political era of Mayor Rob Ford. They might conclude that he was a left... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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