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At appeal hearing, Mayor Rob Ford benefits from his own silence

By: Metro Canada Published on Tue Jan 08 2013 At Osgoode Hall on Monday, in a beautiful old courtroom with creaky wooden benches, Rob Ford sat stone-faced and silent for nearly six hours as lawyers involved in his appeal process debated whether he should keep his job as mayor of Toronto. His silence was a gift to himself. Last September, during his last major stint in a courtroom over these same...

Mayoral by-election could be opportunity for Toronto conservatives to ditch Rob Ford

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Jan 04 2013 Should Mayor Rob Ford come out on the losing end of his one-and-only shot at appealing last year's conflict-of-interest ruling next week, conventional wisdom has it that the resulting power vacuum at City Hall would be a real opportunity for Toronto's left wing. It'd be a chance to stop the slash-and-burn Ford machine in its tracks, and...

2012 was a lousy year for Toronto cyclists — and 2013 doesn't look any better

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Jan 02 2013 Let's be frank. If you rely on a bike to get around this city, 2012 sucked. There were tragic headlines about two-wheeled commuters killed in hit-and-run accidents or caught under the wheels of a truck. Stories about riders clipped or injured were a dime a dozen. And it all took place in front of a political backdrop that still points to people... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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