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So much to hate about the Sarah Thomson and Rob Ford story

By: Metro Canada Published on Mon Mar 11 2013 I started to write about Toronto mostly because of Rob Ford. But I don't much like writing about our mayor these days. Instead I like to write about more substantive things. I like to write about budgets, council voting strategy, transit funding, city planning, urban growth, active transportation and whether this city might one day have an...

Mayor Rob Ford stands in the way of GTA's transportation future

By: Metro Canada Published on Tue Mar 05 2013 When it comes to big city Toronto, the suburban mayor of Oakville has got it right. Rob Burton, Oakville's chief magistrate since 2006, made a splash last week when he dug into the ongoing debate over Metrolinx's still-in-the-works transportation funding strategy. “Someone's got to pay something or this is all gumflap,” he...

What the Death Star can teach us about civic engagement

It seems fair to say that most people in the GTA don’t feel overly engaged with local government. To fix that, I’m thinking we should take a cue from the Americans and their government’s official response to a petition calling for the construction of a massive planet-destroying spaceship. Let me explain. In January, the United States government did something kind of weird: They released a... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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