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Casino Toronto: What's in it for Rob Ford?

By: Metro Published on Wed Apr 10 2013 After months and months of tedious debate, staff at City Hall released their report on the subject of a Toronto casino on Monday. It's a big document that expresses only guarded support for the idea of a downtown gambling venue, detailing a long list of recommended conditions that the province and OLG would have to meet for Toronto City Council to grant...

Hamburgers vs. homelessness: Mayor Rob Ford & council struggle to define priorities

By: Metro Published on Fri Apr 05 2013 For me, the best moment of Toronto City Council's meeting this week came from Coun. Josh Matlow. The Ward 22 rep, who has sometimes found himself the subject of jokes because of his commitment to earnest even-handedness, stood up late in the day on Wednesday in the midst of what would turn out to be a three-hour debate on whether there should be a Hero...

Vomit away, Mr. Mayor, but you still don't have a realistic plan to fund transit expansion

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Apr 03 2013 Yesterday, Metrolinx revealed their “shortlist” of possible taxes, tolls and fees that could be implemented over the coming years to pay for more than $50 billion in needed GTA transit projects. Also yesterday, when Mayor Rob Ford heard about this, he laughed, doubled over, and made pretend vomiting sounds. Ford then claimed that people...

TTC's big streetcars are a big step forward for Toronto

By: Metro Toronto Published on Mon Apr 01 2013 Looking through some of the headlines since the first of Toronto’s new streetcar fleet arrived in town from Bombardier’s factory in Thunder Bay, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this city’s new ride is a streetcar named disaster. First there were trumped-up claims that the new cars, set to enter regular service in 2014, wouldn’t fit into the... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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