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Let's stop gawking at Rob Ford for a second and read this Metrolinx report

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Fri May 31 2013 Stop looking at that pile of fiery wreckage sinking into the cold black water for a second. Instead, look at this Metrolinx report. It's important. Metrolinx, the transit agency for the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton, has been working on its investment strategy for more than five years, and was required by legislation to make...

Doug Ford says critics 'can't go after our fiscal record' – challenge accepted

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Wed May 29 2013 Over the weekend, as the downward spiral continued, Coun. Doug Ford claimed in a CP24 interview that all the scandals facing the Ford family are just the inevitable result of the great work they're doing down at City Hall. The media comes up with these negative stories, he said, because “they can't go after our fiscal...

The people behind 'the people's mayor' deserve a better response than this

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Thu May 23 2013 Seven days have passed since allegations of crack cocaine use were first levelled against Mayor Rob Ford. Writers across the city have now probably broken some sort of record for the use of the word “alleged.” We're all pretty tired of waiting around for the mayor to say something. And yet we still don't know much...

Toronto's year-long casino debate finally comes to an end, but did we learn anything?

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Canada Published on Tue May 21 2013 After all that, we're right back where we started. Under the shadow of those still-unanswered crack cocaine allegations levelled against Mayor Rob Ford, Toronto City Council has voted to totally reject any notion of a Toronto casino. The vote comes after more than a year of political debate, unprecedented levels of City hall...

Rob Ford crack cocaine scandal: Will Ford Nation desert him?

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Fri May 17 2013 I was all set to go into the long weekend with a quick blog post about Mayor Rob Ford and magnets. It would have been light, and maybe kind of funny. That the mayor of Canada's largest city stepped out of an important meeting on Tuesday to wander around a parking lot and attach a bunch of promotional magnets to cars is, after all...

How Toronto City Council came up $500M short in transit debate

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Thu May 16 2013 There seem to be a number of contrasting narratives coming out of last week's transit funding debate. And I understand why: that meeting was one of the most confusing political events I've ever seen. At several points, councillors had to stop and ask the clerks running the votes whether a “yes” vote meant... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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