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Taking on TREB's take on the Toronto land transfer tax

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Thu Jun 27 2013 After I published a post last week imploring Toronto real estate agents to get over their obsession with the city's five-year-old land transfer tax, I heard from a bunch of people who agreed. Some of them even work in real estate. They get that cutting $340 million out of the city budget necessarily means negative consequences...

Ford's inconsistent budget direction makes Toronto an easy target for provincial cuts

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Canada Published on Wed Jun 26 2013 Pop quiz. Which of these statements more accurately describes the state of Toronto's finances? 1. The City of Toronto boasts a bloated budget, rife with lingering mismanagement and piles of waste. Toronto residents are overtaxed to prop up a bureaucracy that could be run far more efficiently. 2. The City of Toronto struggles...

No cars on King Street: What have we got to lose?

By: Metro Toronto Published on Mon Jun 24 2013 TTC CEO Andy Byford came forward with a big, radical idea last week. And Toronto, I’ve decided, is a city that needs big, radical ideas. In this town, we need to at least be open to trying stuff. Byford’s plan — also endorsed by TTC chair Karen Stintz — is to explore improving travel times on the transit agency’s busiest surface route by closing...

City Council Scorecard: Playing catch-up with votes on transit funding, casinos, electoral reform and, um, showers

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Canada Published on Fri Jun 21 2013 A huge update to the Toronto City Council scorecard this month, as we catch up on council goings-on that have been kind of overshadowed by that whole drug scandal thing. For those of you just joining us, the City Council Scorecard is a record of all “major” votes that take place at Toronto City Hall — with...

Real talk for real estate agents: Stop fighting the land transfer tax

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Tue Jun 18 2013 Last Friday, Mayor Rob Ford paid a visit to the Toronto Real Estate Board. There to rattle off a speech that included his standard budget talking points, the beleaguered mayor received a standing ovation after promising — once again — to work on eliminating Toronto's municipal land transfer tax. That's all it takes...

Mayor Rob Ford's response to damning TCHC report falls far short

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Fri Jun 14 2013 Let's compare and contrast. On Friday, May 31, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford called reporters to a press conference. He was (and is) dealing with a serious scandal regarding allegations of drug use, so reporters doggedly followed, hoping the embattled mayor would maybe answer some questions on that subject. He didn't, though —... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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