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Good transit planning gives way to pandering politics in Scarborough subway debate

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Fri Jul 12 2013 Things are not looking good for fans of sensible transit planning in Toronto. Next week, with both Mayor Rob Ford and TTC chair Karen Stintz in support, Toronto City Council is likely to approve a change to current transit plans. Instead of getting a $1.8-billion project that converts the Scarborough RT to LRT, Scarborough residents will...

After the floods, Toronto needs a renewed focus on infrastructure — and fighting climate change

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Tue Jul 09 2013 Back in January, the Toronto Environment Office visited city hall's parks and environment committee to deliver a presentation on Toronto's Future Weather & Climate. The presentation served as an overview of a series of reports detailing the weather patterns our city can expect 30 years from now. With flood waters across the...

Rob Ford is finally boring — and that's good for his political career

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Canada Published on Fri Jul 05 2013 In the days after Mayor Rob Ford won an appeal in his conflict of interest trial and kept himself from getting turfed, I offered the mayor this piece of advice for his next political chapter: be super boring. Ford, I reasoned, doesn't lack for name recognition. Everyone knows who he is. After weathering a long list of personal...

Time for council to finally give up on the Scarborough subway dream

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Wed Jul 03 2013 Sometimes in politics there are issues where there are two valid but diametrically opposed points of view. But sometimes things are just black and white. Sometimes there's just the sensible thing and the not-so-sensible thing. Take, for example, this latest dust-up over the Scarborough subway. The concern is that Toronto City Council... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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