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Fact-checking Ford's campaign-style Cambridge Club speech

By: Metro Published on Thu Aug 29 2013 With no byelections in sight, Mayor Rob Ford won't officially be on any kind of campaign trail this fall. But he didn't let that stop him from delivering a campaign-style speech at the Cambridge Club of Canada yesterday. (The Cambridge Club is apparently some kind of fancy fitness club. I was not aware.) As Ford speeches go, it was delivered pretty...

Council's decision to appoint didn't have much to do with Rob Ford

There are a lot of people with strong opinions about Toronto City Council's decision yesterday to opt against a byelection to fill the vacancy left by former deputy mayor Doug Holyday in Ward 3. Instead, after a quick debate and a decisive 19-14 vote, council opted to appoint someone to fill Holyday's seat. But whether you believe the decision was an affront to the sanctity of democracy...

Mayor Rob Ford's council attendance record still not-so-good

Since I don't have much to say about dodgy CNE food or the mayor taking on a six-time WWE Champion in an arm-wrestling contest, let's do some data analysis. When I last looked at Mayor Rob Ford's attendance record at council, I called it “not-so-good.” At the time, it looked bad and was trending worse. Throughout 2012, the mayor was consistently missing more and more...

Media scrutiny of Rob Ford is fair game

By: Ford For Toronto Published on Tue Aug 20 2013 There's this pervasive idea that Mayor Rob Ford, even though he's got his faults, has been treated unfairly by the media in this city. I don't buy it. But it's not hard to find people who do. In an otherwise pretty even-handed column printed in the Ottawa Citizen last week, University of Toronto assistant professor Peter Loewen...

Some DO's and DON'Ts for Toronto's new deputy mayor, Norm Kelly

By: Metro Toronto Published on Mon Aug 19 2013 With newly elected MPP Doug Holyday having said goodbye to his role as Mayor Rob Ford’s deputy mayor late last week, change is in the air at city hall. Scarborough Coun. Norm Kelly is now set to step up as new deputy mayor to the embattled Ford. We should all feel a little bit bad for Kelly. He’s taking on what could be the hardest job at city hall...

Is there a good reason to hold a byelection to fill Doug Holyday's seat? Nope.

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Aug 16 2013 After making himself scarce for a few days following his Danforth escapade, Mayor Rob Ford let it be known yesterday that his office will be putting a bunch of resources toward ensuring that a byelection is held in Ward 3 to replace former deputy mayor Doug Holyday, who has moved on to Queen's Park. The mayor does not want a temporary replacement... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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