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It will take more than a Rob Ford defeat to clean up Toronto's messy politics

By: Metro Published on Thu Sep 26 2013 John Lorinc at Spacing wasn't alone this week when he wrote that the big subway news has pretty much sealed Mayor Rob Ford's path to reelection next year. I'm not so sure. It's way too early to be making official predictions, but I'd suggest that there are only a few things that we can confidently say about Toronto's 2014...

The sad legacy of the Scarborough subway debate

Published on Tue Sep 24 2013 There's been yet another twist in the torturous Scarborough subway saga. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who had been little more than a whispered name in this debate, emerged on the weekend to announce that, sure, he'll help pay for the Scarborough subway extension. The announcement should have come with dramatic organ music. Harper's willingness to...

How would candidate Rob Ford judge Mayor Rob Ford on 'accountability'?

So yesterday, in response to a story about a member of his staff allegedly freaking out at a GO Station and damaging a door, Mayor Rob Ford said this: “It’s actually no one’s business what happens in my office,” This is not a smart thing for an elected official to say. As citizens of Toronto, you and I pay for Ford's office. That alone makes it our business. It's fair for reporters to...

Toronto needs new transit, not new conversations on how to fund it

By: Metro Published on Wed Sep 18 2013 Premier Kathleen Wynne and Transportation Minister Glen Murray announced this morning that, following last spring's lengthy consultations and abundance of conversations about transit funding, the provincial government is ready to take their next step: even more consultations and conversations about transit funding. Once again, we're getting a...

Rob Ford is deeply unpopular in downtown Toronto — and that will hurt his re-election chances

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Sep 11 2013 Recent polls show that Rob Ford is, as he's been for the last couple of years, incredibly unpopular with downtown Toronto residents. With an election campaign on the horizon, he should be worried about this. At first blush, it seems fair to assume that Ford shouldn't really care about his downtown support. The shorthand version of the...

Sam the Record Man sign debacle another example of Toronto not protecting its heritage

By: Metro Toronto Published on Mon Sep 09 2013 There really shouldn’t be a whole lot of debate about the future of the iconic Sam the Record Man sign, which spun its giant neon lights on Yonge Street for decades before the music store shut down. Ryerson University, when they made plans for the old Sam’s location, signed an agreement making it clear that they’d find a place to display the sign... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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