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Rob Ford scandal: It’s not the crack video, it’s the cover-up

Published on Thu Oct 31 2013 Mayor Rob Ford’s big problem isn’t that there are now public documents detailing extensive police surveillance of a guy — arrested recently for alleged drug crimes — exchanging packages with Ford in innocent-looking locales like dark parking lots and gas stations. His big problem isn’t that Police Chief Bill Blair appears to have confirmed that the video we’ve been...

Finally announcing her mayoral ambitions, Stintz stumbles out of the gate

By: Metro Published on Tue Oct 29 2013 But as much as her decision has felt like an inevitability for months, Stintz’s announcement was still notable for just how badly she seemed to position her campaign to replace Mayor Rob Ford. Right out of the gate, Stintz seems to have set herself up for failure. An exaggeration? Consider this: “I believe in the fiscal agenda of Rob Ford.” That’s what...

Understanding Toronto's budget: It's a whole lot more complicated than it needs to be

By: Metro Published on Mon Oct 28 2013 Politicians at Toronto City Hall are gearing up for yet another fast-paced season of municipal budgeting. And you’re excited, aren’t you? No? Really? Huh. I get it. The city budget doesn’t have the immediate intrigue of an Etobicoke police investigation or a Senate scandal, but the reality is that the series of government decisions that make up Toronto’s...

Council Scorecard: Yet another Scarborough subway vote, and putting a Ford foe on the executive committee

After a summer hiatus, City Council returned to business Oct. 8 with both a regular meeting to discuss a range of city issues and a very special meeting held to determine who should be appointed to fill the vacant council seat in Ward 3. Mostly, though, councillors just talked about the Scarborough subway. Because that’s all they ever talk about. I’ve added three votes to the City Council...

Despite non-stop cavalcade of scandal, opponents still need to beat Rob Ford on the issues

Published on Wed Oct 23 2013 So the past few days have delivered new twists and turns in the Mayor Rob Ford saga. It’s kind of playing out like an unofficial Canadian knock-off of HBO’s The Wire, except the characters are less likeable and there aren’t nearly enough wisecracking detectives. This week’s episode: should the mayor Canada’s largest city pen reference letters on City Hall stationery...

A TTC downtown relief line is 28 years overdue

By: Metro Toronto Published on Mon Oct 21 2013 With all the divisiveness and politics surrounding Toronto’s transit planning, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the TTC’s next priority for expansion has been obvious for decades. It’s the downtown relief line. Also known as the Commuter Relief Line, the City Subway Loop or simply Subway Number 5, the line is planned to route across the city south... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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