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With attention-grabbing sleeping city worker story, Mammoliti back to his old habits

By: Metro Published on Fri Oct 18 2013 Because he's known for saying and doing outlandish things, Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti has played a useful role for Mayor Rob Ford throughout most of this political term: the sideshow. Whether he's starting up a Facebook group to defend the Ford administration, railing on about the need for a magic subway-funding casino boat or continuing his fight for...

Robocall this, Mayor Ford: Paul Ainslie was right

By: Metro Published on Wed Oct 16 2013 Nothing spoils a victory like a sore winner, but that doesn't seem to faze Mayor Rob Ford. On Friday, just days after securing the biggest political victory of his career, the mayor — instead of, you know, basking in the glow of success — sent out a recorded phone message to residents of Ward 43, letting them know their councillor, Paul...

Scarborough subway: How your councillor voted and what should happen now

By: Metro Published on Thu Oct 10 2013 After Toronto City Council voted Tuesday to proceed with a Scarborough extension of the Bloor-Danforth subway line, Mayor Rob Ford gave Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly a big high five, pumped his first and shouted, “YES!” So, yeah, it seemed like the mayor was pretty happy after the 24-20 vote. And for good reason. Just six months ago, Ford was so far...

Last chance for LRT: Is there any chance the Scarborough subway is voted down?

Here we go again. The Scarborough subway is up for debate at Toronto City Council this week, kicking off this morning. This will be the third time council has held a vote on this subway in 2013, and I wouldn't expect a different result this time. Unless several councillors spontaneously change their minds, this should be the final vote on the issue — and the subway side will probably...

Small-scale spending scandals distract from big time government screw-ups

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Wed Oct 02 2013 Let's compare two stories. In one, the governments of Toronto and Ontario waste, at minimum, tens of millions — maybe hundreds of millions — with foregone sunk costs and cancellation penalties piling up while they dithered around with transit projects that may or may not get built sometime before the invention of... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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