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Three things Rob Ford lied about in his Conrad Black interview

Conrad Black’s much-hyped interview with Mayor Rob Ford aired on Monday night. And, as you’d expect, it was a doozy. Both men said lots of things that weren’t true. I considered doing a full line-by-line fact check, but who has that kind of time? There was way too much in there. But I can’t just let this go without a little bit of fact-checking. The truth matters. Facts matter. Voters in this...

A tale of two mayors: Norm Kelly shows Rob Ford what strategy looks like

Published on Fri Dec 06 2013 Want to know the big difference between the two mayors at Toronto city hall these days? It’s that Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly — who effectively has all the powers the elected mayor normally enjoys — knows something Mayor Rob Ford doesn’t. He knows that to be a leader with hopes of accomplishing anything, you need to be strategic. We saw as much at Thursday’s...

Way too many unknowns in Porter plan for island airport jets

By: Metro Published on Wed Dec 04 2013 After months of duelling public campaigns and political wrangling, last week city staff released their much-anticipated report on the thorny issue of allowing Porter to fly jets out of Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island. The report’s conclusion? When it comes to this plan, nobody really knows anything. Is the extension of the airport runway into Lake... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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