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Toronto City Council Electability Index: can math predict council elections?

By: Metro Published on Wed Jan 15 2014 This probably sounds like a ridiculous thing to ask, but bear with me a second. Can math help predict Toronto's 2014 council elections? I’ve spent some time this week considering that question. Mostly because I’m a gigantic nerd. But also because one of the things I asked for in my Christmas column was a bigger focus on the 44 council races that’ll take...

John Tory for mayor? Maybe he should stay right where he is

By: Metro Published on Mon Jan 13 2014 There are lots of famous will-they-or-won’t-they stories. Sam and Diane on Cheers. Ross and Rachel on Friends. Sherlock and Watson on Sherlock. And, of course, in Toronto, we’ve got one of our own: John Tory and the mayor’s office. It’s a courtship that’s played out in various forms for a decade, ever since the broadcaster and former Ontario PC leader made...

Does Rob Ford have a secret plan to find budget savings? Don't bet on it

By: Metro Published on Fri Jan 10 2014 Everybody chill out about the city budget. Mayor Rob Ford has got this. He says he does, anyway. For the last couple of months, councillors and Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly have mostly ignored Ford’s demand that the property tax increase for the 2014 city budget come in at 1.75 per cent. After all, there’s no real basis for Ford’s target. Nobody ever said it...

Let’s judge elected officials on emergency preparation, not emergency response

By: Metro Published on Wed Jan 08 2014 Let’s get a few things straight. After a severe weather event — like the ice storm we just had in the GTA — I don’t care which politician got to speak first at the press conferences. I also don’t really care whether elected officials were live-tweeting the emergency response, as long as they effectively communicated to constituents in need of assistance. And...

Toronto's singin' the first-past-the-post blues

By: Metro Published on Mon Jan 06 2014 We’re less than a week into Toronto’s 2014 mayoral election and I’m already singing the blues. Not because of the presumed slate of candidates and what they’re saying, but because of the exhausting speculation that comes with elections that use the first-past-the-post system. Already we’re seeing articles focused more on electoral math than civic issues. Can... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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