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Gardiner East: Toronto only has one shot at getting this right

Published on Fri Feb 28 2014 The debate over the future of the eastern section of the Gardiner expressway continued this week with the release of a very long city report. Staff are, as expected, recommending that council endorse removing the part of the highway between Jarvis Street and the Don Valley Parkway. It’s a recommendation backed up by Waterfront Toronto. Cue the drama. A lot of...

Mayoral candidates shouldn’t back off on revenue tools for transit

By: Metro Published on Wed Feb 26 2014 Toronto’s mayoral race got more crowded this week. Karen Stintz jumped in, as we knew she would, but so did John Tory, who has at least now shown that he is capable of making a decision. (Up next: proving that he knows how to actually win an election.) Add the two of them to the already-declared field of Mayor Rob Ford and David Soknacki and, baby, we got a...

The Rob Ford Pledge-O-Meter: Has Ford really done 90 per cent of what he said he'd do?

After finally extracting himself from a broken elevator, Mayor Rob Ford delivered his typical speech to the Economic Club of Canada last month. It was the standard package of mistruths we’ve come to expect. Ford capped things off by bragging about his record and how it relates to campaign promises he made in 2010. “You trusted me to put your hard-earned money where it needs to go, and I’m so...

Don’t look too hard for a Rob Ford re-election strategy

By: Metro Published on Fri Feb 14 2014 Let’s recap the past few weeks in the life of Mayor Rob Ford. He made yet another public appearance at a church, stated unequivocally for the first time that he has no interest in attending Pride, attempted to remove a rainbow flag from outside city hall, launched a YouTube show, mingled with club-goers downtown and gave a long interview to a top 40 radio...

Council Scorecard: Toronto’s 2014 budget debate shows just how few allies Rob Ford has left

Following Toronto City Council’s debate on the 2014 operating and capital budgets, it’s easy enough to calculate how many political allies Mayor Rob Ford has left. He’s got four. That’s what my City Council Scorecard says anyway. Just four councillors voted with Ford on more than 60 per cent of the major items that came before council as part of the budget meeting held on Jan. 29 and 30. After...

Let’s look at the future of the Gardiner expressway as an economic issue

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Fri Feb 07 2014 The thing I hate most about the debate over the future of a short 2.4-kilometre section of the elevated Gardiner expressway — back in the spotlight this week after the release of a new report — is how dismissive some people get about the topic. It’s like we shouldn’t even consider changing the status quo. It’s a lousy attitude, because... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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