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Opponents nervous as Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly builds support for Porter's island airport expansion

By: Metro Published on Thu Mar 20 2014 A funny thing happened after Toronto City Council stripped Mayor Rob Ford of most of his powers. It got a whole lot easier for council to approve the sort of thing the mayor generally supports. Take, for example, the issue of expanding the island airport to accommodate jets. When Ford was still at the helm, Porter CEO Robert Deluce’s jets looked like they’d...

Meet Morgan Baskin: She's 18 years old and wants to be Toronto's next mayor

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Tue Mar 18 2014 Morgan Baskin is 18 years old. She lives in the downtown neighbourhood of Corktown and is set to graduate from high school in June. She likes to read and says she probably watches too much TV – or used to, anyway. And, oh yeah, she’s running to be the next mayor of Toronto. Baskin registered to run earlier this month and since then has...

Wynne backs off on transit funding, ending the 'adult conversation'

By: Metro Published on Fri Mar 14 2014 GTA residents have been told for the last few years that the region needs to have an “adult conversation” about transit funding. But after Premier Kathleen Wynne visited an average Toronto family in an average Toronto home to make a transit funding announcement Thursday, it became clear there are no adults left in the room. Not at the political level, at...

Rob Ford Accomplishment Tracker: Can the mayor really brag about building subways?

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Mar 12 2014 A few hours after I published my exhaustive fact check of Mayor Rob Ford’s campaign website accomplishments list, the Ford campaign updated the page. Probably just a coincidence. Cough. Several of the items on the list disappeared. Some were significantly revised or clarified. New ones were added. In the coming weeks, I’ll return to some of the...

The power of magnets: Ford’s questionable claim of renewing faith in TCHC

By: Metro Published on Mon Mar 10 2014 It sounds nerdy, I know, but I spent some time last week fact-checking the list of accomplishments posted on Mayor Rob Ford’s newly-launched campaign website. At this point it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that a lot of the items on the list were untruthful. Some of them were even based on things that the mayor voted against. But, hey, we already knew...

Fact Check: Rob Ford voted against several of his listed 'accomplishments'

By: Metro Published on Wed Mar 05 2014 Two months after registering for re-election, Mayor Rob Ford finally has a campaign website. There was what seemed to be a mad rush to get it ready it over the weekend, prior to the mayor’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Ford did manage to get in a quick plug for the site while talking to Kimmel. You probably missed it because you were cringing and hiding... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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