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Why Toronto voters should consider the Green Party

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Jun 11 2014 Over the past few weeks, I’ve written columns detailing why I can’t vote for any of the three leading provincial parties. I can’t vote for Tim Hudak’s PC party because his plan to upload Toronto’s subway lines would devastate public transit. I can’t vote for Andrea Horwath’s NDP because her plan to take the HST off hydro bills is regressive and...

Three ways we can make cycling better in Toronto

By: Metro Published on Mon Jun 09 2014 It’s Bike Month in Toronto: Our annual opportunity to reflect on how cycling in this city is both awesome and terrible. Awesome because it’s just about the only way to reliably get from Point A to Point B in the downtown core these days, what with seemingly every street under heavy construction. Terrible because a lack of infrastructure and education makes...

Five questions Toronto’s mayor should ask provincial party leaders

By: Metro Published on Fri Jun 06 2014 Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson did something pretty cool recently. With the provincial election in full swing, he sent a questionnaire to party leaders, asking them five yes or no questions about issues important to Ottawa. The leaders then responded with various degrees of detail. (PC leader Tim Hudak was the only one who really came up short — he sent on a form...

Ontario Liberals need to be held accountable for Scarborough subway decision

By: Metro Published on Wed Jun 04 2014 When people who aren’t big fans of the Liberal Party of Ontario talk about why they won’t be voting for Premier Kathleen Wynne’s party on June 12, they tend to rattle off a big list of headline-making scandals from the last decade: eHealth, ORNGE, the Oakville and Mississauga gas plants, something about cancer-causing windmills, and so on. But they hardly...

Toronto mayoral candidates take note: It's time to get serious about streetcars

By: Metro Published on Mon Jun 02 2014 There’s been lots of focus on subway trains and highways during these early stages of Toronto’s mayoral campaign. We’ve even heard a bit about bus service. But there’s not been a whole lot said about Toronto’s iconic, venerable, love-’em-or-hate-’em streetcars. That’s a shame, because any real plan to address gridlock in this city really has to include a... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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