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Why we should keep inflation out of Toronto's mayoral race

By: Metro Published on Fri Aug 15 2014 Inflation is a word that’s coming up a lot on the campaign trail. As noted in an article this week about city finances, all the leading mayoral contenders have a plan to match property tax increases to the rate of inflation. Mayor Rob Ford wants property tax increases kept lower than inflation. Olivia Chow generally says “around inflation.” John Tory has...

Rob Ford and the enduring myth of the 'dreaded car tax'

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Aug 13 2014 Aside from the bit where he said that transit isn’t important for people without jobs, Mayor Rob Ford’s campaign speech yesterday was largely a rehash of well-worn, dubious talking points. He also worked very hard at jogging public memory about the $60 vehicle registration tax, which existed for a couple of years before Ford convinced council to kill...

Want to criticize Toronto spending? Try to at least be consistent

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Aug 06 2014 New rule for Toronto politics: if you want to be the kind of elected official who builds your brand ranting about the cost of city government, you need to at least try to be consistent. The problem I have with guys like Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong and Mayor Rob Ford is that they generally aren’t. They’re happy to dial up the outrage meter over some...

City Council Scorecard: How has your councillor been voting in 2014?

It's been a while since I've posted an update to the City Council Scorecard, my semi-objective tracker of how often councillors vote with Mayor Rob Ford on major items. With the ongoing municipal election and exciting news from rehab facilities, there's just been so many other things going on. But let's get back to it. I've updated the council scorecard with votes from... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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