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The Fords painted a blurry picture on arts funding votes

At a quick glance, Mayor Rob Ford and his mayoral candidate brother Doug would seem to have a leg to stand on when they talk about their commitment to funding the arts, as Doug did at yesterday’s ArtsVote debate. The city has, after all, made a real commitment to the arts over the last four years, increasing per-capita arts spending from $18.09 per person in 2010 to $22.25 per person in 2014. But...

Mapping how Mayor Rob Ford lost control of city council

Reader and all-around good guy Sean Marshall spent the time this week to generate some maps from my council scorecard data. The result is a fascinating visual overview of just how Mayor Rob Ford lost his grip on Toronto City Council and ended up on the losing side of most significant votes. It’s an important story to tell because a Toronto mayor just can’t be effective if they’re not able to...

Metro burger poll: Matt Elliott takes on the Toronto mayoral candidates, in burger form

By: Matt Elliott Metro, Metro Published on Wed Sep 24 2014 I’m no food critic, but I do enjoy a good burger. And I know a thing or two about Toronto municipal politics, which means – as per, I’m pretty sure, some kind of bylaw – I am duly qualified to review the mayoral burgers being served up at The Lakeview Restaurant as part of Metro’s Burger Poll. Here’s my take, fresh off the grill. The...

Doug Ford sticks with the playbook of misleading voters

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Sep 24 2014 With Doug Ford’s first debate behind us, a couple of things are now confirmed. First, the remaining days of this election will be filled with a lot of yelling. Second, Doug Ford is just going to continue with his brother’s playbook, employing the same strategy and talking points. Many of those talking points are about the city’s economic record over...

Council Scorecard Final: How often did your councillor vote with Rob Ford?

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Sep 19 2014 It’s all over. Toronto City Council wrapped up the last meeting of the 2010-2014 term on Aug. 28, which means I can finally wrap up this term's City Council Scorecard. For four years I’ve been tracking the results of all major votes in an attempt to track councillor support for Mayor Rob Ford. You can read more about how the scorecard works by...

John Tory's SmartTrack makes a poor fit for TIF

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Sep 17 2014 I’ve spent some time this week trying to hunt down solid evidence for mayoral candidate John Tory’s contention that the city’s share of his $8-billion SmartTrack plan can be funded purely with tax increment financing (TIF). So far I’ve found nothing. Nada. That’s not to say TIF is junk. It’s not. It’s actually an intriguing funding mechanism that... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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