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Cities should team up to make transit a federal election issue

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Nov 12 2014 Their recommendations are solid, but the numbers are the most telling part of Amalgamated Transit Union’s new report on the future of the TTC. Beginning on page 32, the ATU lays out several detailed budget scenarios for the coming years that all point to the same conclusion: the TTC needs money. For instance, to retain service and keep fares at...

It's time to admit it: Toronto’s municipal government is broken

By: Metro Published on Mon Nov 10 2014 Yeah, sure, John Tory was elected mayor, but that wasn’t all that happened on election night in Toronto. A quick list of some other notable things: Of the 38 members of Toronto city council who sought re-election, only one was defeated. Just one! Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti, who had his pay suspended earlier this year after the city’s integrity commissioner...

Ford Nation was faltering well before the crack scandal

By: Metro Published on Thu Nov 06 2014 It’s going to be hard to talk about Mayor Rob Ford’s legacy without talking about crack cocaine. And while we did spend a surprising amount of time talking about crack, it's quite possible that pundits have overstated how heavily the mayor's substance abuse factored into a swell of anti-Ford sentiment. Of course, it was absolutely a big deal when... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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