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Toronto needs a real strategy for the homeless, and a simple one is available

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Jan 16 2015 You could be forgiven for assuming that Toronto doesn’t have a real, long-term strategy for supporting the city’s homeless. Over the past few weeks, it’s looked as if the city is operating shelter services on an ad-hoc basis…like they were caught off guard. You wouldn’t think anyone would be surprised by the fact that Toronto has a homeless...

For the first time in four years, things are looking up at Toronto city hall

By: Metro Published on Mon Jan 12 2015 It may have been bitterly cold outside, but last week I actually felt warm feelings toward city hall. That sounds weird, I know. I’m still struggling with it. I’m way more accustomed to criticizing local government than I am to praising it. But after four Ford-filled years, it’s important to note that — for a week at least — there was mostly good news coming...

Council Scorecard: Tory has strong council support to start his term

During the Mayor Rob Ford era, my city council scorecard — which tracks how often councillors vote with the mayor on major items — was a very exciting spreadsheet — that's high praise. I find most spreadsheets at least a little exciting. It tracked rapidly shifting political alliances. It told the story of how Ford managed to lose almost every single one of his allies. It...

Scarborough councillors lay track for ill-advised ideas in 2015

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Jan 07 2015 To mark the beginning of a brand new year, the Scarborough Mirror’s Mike Adler asked several Scarborough councillors about their goals for 2015. So what do some of council’s Scarborough reps have in mind? A bunch of very ill-advised ideas, apparently. Take Coun. Jim Karygiannis, a newbie to city hall but a political veteran. He told Adler that his top...

If John Tory could bring 416 and 905 together, so much could be accomplished

By: Metro Published on Mon Jan 05 2015 A year ago, Toronto and its surrounding towns and cities had just weathered a nasty ice storm. You probably remember the prolonged power outages, the cancelled flights and the general chaos. It wasn’t a super-fun time. For me, though, the most enduring memory from the storm comes from something that happened after the ice melted. On Jan. 17, 2014, mayors and... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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