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18 mayors can’t be wrong: Why Ottawa needs to do more for Canada's cities

By: Metro Published on Mon Feb 09 2015 Let’s start with the obvious: The mayors are right. Eighteen of them, representing Canada’s largest cities, met in Toronto last week for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Big City Summit. The group included everyone from Vancouver’s Gregor Robertson to Calgary’s Naheed Nenshi to our guy John Tory. Their message at the end of their session: The...

Is it possible councillors didn't know the costs of cancelling the Scarborough LRT?

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Feb 06 2015 With the Scarborough subway extension project finally moving forward, city councillors now have to deal with the other half of their 2013 subway-supporting decision: a bill somewhere in the neighbourhood of $85 million that’ll be paid to Metrolinx to cover the sunk costs of the cancelled Scarborough LRT. Except some councillors seem almost surprised...

Flashy projects take priority over TTC station accessibility

By: Metro Published on Wed Feb 04 2015 The most concerning part of the TTC’s 2015 capital budget comes on page 14 when staff acknowledges they just might blow the deadline to make all subway stations accessible by 2025. So if you’re a wheelchair-using resident waiting to gain access to the TTC, prepare to wait longer. The budget notes that there remains a $165-million unfunded shortfall in the...

Toronto vs. Ontario: If the city wants more provincial cash, the numbers better add up

By: Metro Published on Mon Feb 02 2015 Things you inherit when you become mayor of Toronto: a pretty nice second-floor office, a dorky ceremonial chain of office you have to wear for official photos, an underground parking spot. And, oh, yeah: a complicated and often contentious relationship with the Ontario government. Mayor John Tory has had a taste of that over the past couple of weeks as he’s... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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