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Big data could be the key to unlocking Toronto's potential — but only if we listen to it

By: Metro Published on Mon Apr 13 2015 When it comes to making Toronto a better place to live, I believe in the power of the spreadsheet. Big data, or open data, or whatever you want to call it, has untapped potential to transform the way municipal government works. The idea of openly and publicly measuring and quantifying virtually everything city hall does – from transit scheduling to trash...

Toronto has no money to study future pedestrian scrambles? OK, I’ll do it

By: Metro Published on Wed Apr 08 2015 Coun. Mary-Margaret McMahon seemed to have a pretty frustrating day at last Thursday’s city council meeting. It didn’t call for immediate construction. It didn’t ask for any new money. In the wake of removing a piece of infrastructure designed to serve pedestrians, it was a basic request for a report on possible replacements. Simple, right? Not in Toronto...

Mayor John Tory should consider lending his political endorsement to the province for cash

By: Metro Published on Mon Apr 06 2015 By pointing last week to a new report that highlights the need for investment in affordable housing repairs, Mayor John Tory did what he’s already done a bunch of times: he asked the provincial and federal governments for some cash. It’s become a regular thing. Not only does Toronto need Queen’s Park and Ottawa to pitch in for housing, the city also needs...

Charted: leading Toronto mayoral candidates received nearly $500K from 905-area contributors

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Apr 01 2015 In 2013, social geographer Trevor McKenzie-Smith looked at the campaign contributions to winning candidate Rob Ford in Toronto’s 2010 election and found something staggering: about a third of the monetary contributions to Ford’s campaign came from outside Toronto. All told, Ford raised over $623,000 from people with addresses outside Toronto — nearly... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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