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Mayor John Tory trades credibility for concrete with Gardiner decision

By: Metro Published on Fri Jun 12 2015 Mayor John Tory is a winner. By a narrow 24-21 margin, Toronto City Council on Thursday voted in favour of Tory’s preferred “hybrid” option for the eastern part of the Gardiner Expressway. Unless something changes before construction begins in 2019, the Gardiner’s elevated connection to the Don Valley Parkway will be maintained, with some modifications to...

Fact-checking John Tory's Gardiner East talking points

By: Metro Published on Tue Jun 09 2015 At this point, it seems clear that John Tory is not going to change his mind on the future of the eastern part of the Gardiner Expressway. That’s a shame — it could have made for a great legacy-defining moment. Thanks to Twitter's limitations, the mayor’s tweets are probably the purest distillation of his talking points. So let’s fact-check ‘em. Hey...

Voters will forgive Mayor John Tory for changing his Gardiner vote

Published on Mon Jun 08 2015 Picture this: After weeks of turbulent debate over the future of the Gardiner Expressway, Mayor John Tory steps up to his podium and announces he’s changed his mind. Picture the mayor explaining that after listening to the experts and reviewing the case studies from other cities, he’s come to see the wisdom of replacing the section of elevated expressway between...

Metro columnist Matt Elliott talks Tory, Gardiner Expressway and more on Reddit

By: Luke Simcoe Metro, Metro Published on Mon Jun 08 2015 Metro columnist Matt Elliott made a triumphant return to Reddit Monday to discuss the future of the Gardiner Expressway, his love of charts and other municipal issues. Here are some of the highlights from his Q&A: On how council's willingness to defy Rob Ford has carried over to Tory's tenure: “The last administration...

City Council Scorecard: Predicting the result of next week’s Gardiner debate

By: Metro Canada Published on Fri Jun 05 2015 That was the weird, overlong session with a bizarre interlude where Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti noisily pretended to be a raccoon in order to test the city’s new green bin design. Aside from that, there wasn’t much of note. I added three votes: on taxi license reform, the loosening of food truck restrictions, and the new green bins. All of them were easy...

Tory seeks to cut 'inefficiency marbled throughout government' – good luck with that

By: Metro Canada Published on Wed Jun 03 2015 For Rob Ford, being mayor was about stopping the flow of gravy. For John Tory, it’s apparently about cutting out the fatty beef. At least I think that’s what the mayor was implying in his 2016 budget guidance letter, released yesterday as part of the agenda for the next meeting of city hall’s budget committee. In it, Tory calls for all city... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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