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Toronto’s Uber debate should be about urban mobility — it’s not

The taxi-Uber argument in Toronto has led to protests like these that have clogged city streets and led to anything but better mobility. It was painful to watch. For two full days last week, city hall’s licensing and standards committee debated new regulations for ground transportation providers – taxis, Uber, and the like. With all the yelling, I feared it might never end. It seemed possible...

Poll: Is photo radar right for Toronto?

Mayor John Tory has asked the province for permission to use photo radar on Toronto streets, but polls show the issue remains contentious — with a solid split between downtown and the suburbs. Two Metro writers, one with roots in Scarborough and the other a proud downtowner, explain why where you live matters in the debate. Fill out the poll below to let us know what you think. Scarborough native...

Arguments against ranked ballots just don’t rank well

Ranked ballots allow people to pick their first, second and third choices to win a political race. The Ontario government finally got around to announcing legislation that will allow cities and towns to use ranked ballots in municipal elections. This made electoral reform advocates very happy. It also made some opponents very, very unhappy. Let’s focus on the haters because I expect to hear a lot...

Gardiner East: Infrastructure for the past will hurt Toronto's future

The Gardiner East. Not to brag, but I happen to have a very specific set of psychic powers. I can see the future of municipal infrastructure projects. For example, I can tell you, with uncanny certainty, all about the future of the Gardiner Expressway East. Last week, Toronto City Council voted 36-5 to confirm their support for the “Hybrid 3” plan for the 1.7-kilometre stretch of highway, which... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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