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There is no Transit Santa: Expansion will require new taxes

Better transit in Toronto will means lots of spending and, likely, taxes. For Toronto transit nerds, last Tuesday felt a bit like Christmas. After much anticipation, Transit Santa swooped in and delivered a big pile of detailed reports on an ambitious slate of projects. He gifted us information about plans for two LRT lines along Eglinton Ave., Mayor John Tory’s SmartTrack, the ever-controversial...

A challenge to John Tory: support pedestrians and cyclists like you have the Gardiner

John Tory during this year's bike to work day. After botching the launch of the city’s road safety plan during a week in which pedestrians and cyclists continued to get mowed down on Toronto’s deadly streets, Mayor John Tory decided to spend some of last Wednesday delivering a press conference in front of his old pal, the Gardiner Expressway. He had great news for motorists, he said. Thanks...

Safer road design must prioritize pedestrians, not cars

This blocked crosswalk greets pedestrians at Parliament St. and Lake Shore Blvd. In my downtown neighbourhood, one of the biggest middle fingers to pedestrians can be found at the intersection of Parliament Street and Lake Shore Boulevard. There, beneath the roar of the Gardiner Expressway, walkers coming from the waterfront trail who want to continue north on Parliament find their most direct...

If Scarborough subway ridership can’t be improved, cancel it

If the city is going to replace the Scarborough RT with an underground subway, it will need to find ways to boost ridership along the line, says Matt Elliott. Having carefully reviewed the updated ridership numbers for the Scarborough subway project provided last week by Toronto’s planning department, I am prepared to offer this bit of qualified journalistic analysis: these numbers suck. The new... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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